Winter Clothing Storage

Winter Clothing Storage

Winter clothing storage can be quite the hassle.  After all, these are the more bulkier items including your coats, jackets and ski wear.  When swapping out your seasonal wardrobe, why not take that extra step in making the call to Hallak.  Allow us to store your winter wear and free up some space within your home’s closet.


Hallak’s storage offerings include box, cold and a virtual closet.

  • Box storage is idea for your non-outerwear such as your wool suits.  All items must be cleaned prior to being stored.
  • Cold storage should be used for furs, coats and jackets.  These items do not have to be cleaned.
  • Virtual closet storage is provided by our partner, Garde Robe.

Interested in at-home clothing storage tips? Visit our Hallak site for tips and additional information.  You are also welcome to give us a call at (212) 832-0750.

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